About The Grumbling Times

These times are for grumbling.

Originally created in August 2021 on Wordpress but moved to Substack in June 2022, The Grumbling Times principally exists to serve as a repository for my thoughts. What are those thoughts? That is a good question which cannot be fully answered ahead of time. History is my foremost passion but I do not believe in pigeonholing one’s thinking/reading/writing at a time when an awful lot of mental exertion is required to escape the present madness. Hopefully, some of the things I publish might help one to explore beyond the often unproductive avenues to which the postmodern mind is forced to travel at its peril.

One can find a few other things on this website. The first is a list of links to the articles I have written elsewhere, which should be amongst the more well-developed explications of my thoughts. Second is another list of links to other Substacks I read and would recommend for various reasons. Lastly, one can find an archive of everything I have written on this website by Substack’s design, as well as a selection of what existed on the previous iteration of this website.

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An island of grumbling in a sea of madness, trying to figure out where we go from here.


Xander West

Maintainer of The Grumbling Times, Publicity Officer at The Mallard.